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My name is Lyndsay and I write, blog and review, as well as obsessing about books to such a degree that I feel the need to share, hence the existence of 'Tolstoy is my Cat'. 

 I am currently working on my first novel (fingers crossed!), as well as lovingly tending to a growing crop of short stories and professional writing projects. When I’m not at my computer, I’m a creative writer/researcher, as well as a culture hound and a bit of a fidget. To find out more about me generally, or to get in contact, please see my personal/professional website.

Since you asked, my perfect book would probably have the ambition and lyrical flair of Nabokov, the range and all-encompassing wisdom of a Russian classic, and the imagination and irreverence of something by Haruki Murakami or Mikhail Bulgakov...

...but failing that, I like literary fiction, historical fiction as long as it's not too frothy, biographies of interesting people, and the classics. I also adore the Jazz Age, social comedy, satire and anything by the majority of the writers featured in Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris. When my head is not in a book, I love music, fashion, film, art and travel.

And yes, if you were wondering, I do have a cat called Tolstoy. 

I have previously reviewed for Peirene Press, Capuchin Classics, Constable & Robinson and the More4 TV Book Club,  but at present I am not accepting books for review - the TBR pile is just too big! 

'This blog charms the socks off me to such an extent that I spend the week barefoot in the literary park.'   James Hughes

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