'A Suitable Boy' Readathon, No. 1

Group Read LogoAs I mentioned in my previous post, I'm participating in a readathon of Vikram Seth's Indian masterpiece, 'A Suitable Boy', with Sam at Tiny Library, JoV at Book Pyramid and many others, and I'm excited!

If anyone else wants to join, the plan is to read to part 7.46 by the end of Aug, part 13.38 by the end of Sept and to the end by the end of October. I'm currently at 1.7, so need to do some serious reading to catch up over the next few weeks. It is really good so far though, so that will be a pleasure, I think.

As is easy to believe if you've ever seen a physical copy of this book, it is a front-runner for the longest book ever published in a single volume, at 1349 pages. Lols. 

I picked my copy up from the library last week and had to keep shifting my bag on my shoulder with the weight of the book combined with all my usual paraphernalia. This might not be one for carting pretentiously around my usual cafes; more one for balancing on the edge of a sofa or knee for long, cosy stretches...

Vikram Seth's 'A Suitable Boy'
Regular sized from the front...

Vikram Seth's 'A Suitable Boy'
...and two inches thick from the side!


  1. You have a hardback, that makes it even heavier! I have a second hand paper back copy that has obviously been loved and read to death in the past :)

    Either way, it's definitely a book to read at home! I'm on page 300ish and really enjoying it, hope it is the same for you.

    1. My local library only had it in hardback, alas :)

      I am really enjoying it too - the characters are so effective - but think I'm only at page 55 :$


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