The Great Gatsby: The Trailer

Is everyone else as excited about this film as I am?

I'm intrigued by the casting - Tobey Maguire seems just about right as Nick Carraway, but in my head Gatsby was taller, thinner and more angular than Leonardo Dicaprio, with a slightly more haunted air. 

Also, isn't it so funny how Daisy is always blonde in adaptations, when in the book her hair is dark? Maybe it's her personality rather than her follicles to which they are referring. I like Carey Mulligan a lot, so big hopes for her, and the girl with the short dark hair who I presume is Jordan Baker seems suitably clipped and implacable. I also love Baz Luhrmann - his 'Romeo & Juliet' is still SO exhilarating - so fingers crossed that this film is equal to the challenge.

Has anyone seen any of the previous adaptations?

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