The Rejection Generator

Only click this link if you are feeling brave, and wish to steady yourself against all thoughts of possible rejection in the future. C'mon, we're writers, rejection is just grist to the mill!

This is the humdinger I got:

Dear Writer,
We know the feeling of hope with which any writer opens a message from a publisher, 
expecting a new breakthrough, a new recognition. That is a good feeling, and you 
deserve to feel good. Savor it. Maybe jot down a few sentences describing your 
dizzy near-elation at this moment. It's about to end.
Your piece is not for us.
The Editors


via The Millions


  1. What a fantastic site! Too funny. Thanks for turning me and the tribe onto it.

    1. No problem Gale! I saw it and knew I had to share. Did you request a rejection yourself?


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