B*tches in Bookshops and 'On the Road' Trailer

B*tches in Bookshops. YES. So funny. Love that people make these things.

via Literary Musings, The Huffington Post and about a thousand others...
(here's the transcript)

And really excited about this - the trailer for Kerouac's insane masterpiece, On the Road. Kirsten Stewart looks really intriguing as Mary-Lou, although Garrett Hedlund isn't much like how I imagined Dean. Might re-read it before it comes out...


  1. HA HA HA. If I could put it in bigga (see the reference...?) letters I would. That clip is hilarious, and I love the trailer for On The Road too. Despite not completely feeling the book, that trailer brought back loads of positive feelings and memories. Maybe I should reread it too - and I'll definitely be watching the film. Maybe this will be my Kerouac renaissance!

  2. Maybe On the Road will be one of those books that reveals itself on seeing it in a different medium? I've had that a few times. So YES (bigga) re-read it again you should - maybe post-Molotov?

    I've just watched the bitches song again - feeling kinda inspired... :)

  3. That song is hilarious! And I had no idea that On the Road was being made into a movie! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I know, how good?! Exciting for On the Road, hope it's good!


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