Last Night I Dreamt I Went to Manderley Again...

...when I arrived at my friend's beautiful wedding venue this weekend in Gartocharn, Scotland, and was reminded overwhelmingly of the iconic Manderley of Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca.

It was, of course, stunningly, starkly, beautiful, but it had that slightly eerie menace of wild places that could turn nasty as soon as the weather pulls in and someone malevolent steps out from behind that tree.

There was a long, straight, tree-lined driveway, a stark edifice of a Gothic mansion right next to a boatyard and a huge expanse of very cold water.

Yes, I might have been being a little dramatic, but see what you think:

(This is actually Loch Lomond - no beastie in this one.)

(The boats.)

(Doesn't this plant look trapped? Creepy.)

(Look what the beastie eats:)

(This is a little collage of what I wore, by the way. When in Rome, and all that.)


  1. I haven't read Rebecca, but those are some great pictures. (Well, the dead rabbit one -that is a rabbit, yes?- is kinda creepy, but the rest are gorgeous.)

  2. Yeah, the rabbit is kinda gross, but I felt it helped convey the atmosphere. As I was taking it, my friends were like 'Eww, gross, don't take a picture of that! What's wrong with you?'

    Obviously, they've never tried to entice comments on a blog, because whadiya know... XD


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