Whilst Searching for Wedding Poems with a Friend...

...I uttered a sentence not unlike 'I'm sure if people knew that poetry could be like this, they wouldn't walk around thinking poetry isn't for them.'

Here are some of the poems that brought me to that conclusion:

Common Sense - Harry Graham

'There's been an accident!' they said,
'Your servant's cut in half; he's dead!'
'Indeed!' said Mr Jones, 'and please
Send me the half that's got my keys.'

*   *   *

The Perfect Place - Roger McGough

'The world is the perfect place to be born into.
Unless of course, you don't like people
or trees, or stars, or baguettes.

Its secret is movement.
As soon as you have stepped back
to admire the scenery
or opened your mouth
To sing its praises
it has changed places with itself.

Infinitesimally, perhaps,
but those infinitesimals add up.

(About the baguettes,
that was just me being silly.)'

(Just so you know, I cannot say 'infinitesimally'. Syllabically, yes; as one, no. As a dare, please say 'infinitesimally' and 'syllabically' one after the other as fast as you can whilst reading the next poem.)

 *   *   *

'eating alone
my alphabet soup
speaks to me.'

Brenda S. Duster

*   *   *
Mrs Icarus - Carol Ann Duffy

'I'm not the first or the last
To stand on a hillock,
watching the man she married
prove to the world
he's a total, utter, absolute, Grade A pillock.'

*   *   *

The Lisboa - Hugo Williams

Pass me the alarm clock, Carolyn.
What time do you have to go to work?
I'll set it for half past seven,
then we'll have time for breakfast.
I'll get the milk.

Listen, why don't you ring up in the morning
and say you're going to be late?
Then we can do what we like.
We could go to the Lisboa and have custard tarts.
We could go to the Gate.

Lift up your arms.
Let me take this off.'*

*We did find some much more suitable for candidates for wedding poem of choice than these (which, come December, I'll be reading!)

 Any other poems you'd add to this list?


  1. Some great suggestions from Twitter:

    Song for a Beautiful Girl Petrol­pump Attendant on the Motorway

    I wanted your soft verges
    But you gave me the hard shoulder..

    Adrian Henri

    A blade of grass

    You ask for a poem.
    I offer you a blade of grass.
    You say it is not good enough.
    You ask for a poem.

    I say this blade of grass will do.
    It has dressed itself in frost,
    It is more immediate
    Than any image of my making.

    You say it is not a poem,
    It is a blade of grass and grass
    Is not quite good enough.
    I offer you a blade of grass.

    You are indignant.
    You say it is too easy to offer grass.
    It is absurd.
    Anyone can offer a blade of grass.

    You ask for a poem.
    And so I write you a tragedy about
    How a blade of grass
    Becomes more and more difficult to offer,

    And about how as you grow older
    A blade of grass
    Becomes more difficult to accept.

    Brian Patten


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