In My Mailbox, No. 3

In My Mailbox, No. 3, is not going to be the most exciting IMM post, as I am currently, and am for the foreseeable, firmly ensconsed in Dickens. But let's make a small list anyhow:

Dickens' Pickwick Papers. Almost done with this one. Review to follow as part of Dickens from the Start.

Rather predictably, perhaps, the next book will be the next Dickens - Oliver Twist. This one I've read before and I know the story very, very well, so I anticipate flying through. Also part of Dickens from the Start.

Lastly, I was given this book by a friend of a friend, in hope of a blog mention (hiya!) - The Man Who Was Never Shakespeare: The Theft of William Shakspeare's Identity by A. J. Pointon. Seems to have been released at a rather fortuitous time, given the release of the film 'Anonymous'. Not got to it yet, but will report back when I do... Picture is mine, by the way, as there is no image listing on Amazon.

That's all folks!

Nanowrimo weigh-in: 9,416, as of 10 minutes ago, which means I'm a bit behind, but not too much!


  1. Oliver Twist! Now THAT's a classic!

    Xpresso Reads

  2. Ain't it just! Quite looking forward to that one.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  4. OMG Nicole, OMG. Nano is like crack, or something. I am exhausted, my eyes are on stalks, but I feel kinda high on it - I'm doing all this writing, to the point where the computer must die, but then I want to do more, and more. And I might actually finish a first draft of my novel, which somehow does not compute and makes me feel a bit weird.

    How about a tandem attempt next year? This does appear to be the only way to write... :)


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