For all those doing Nanowrimo

A bit cheesy perhaps, but it put me in mind of Nanowrimo, so here you are:

'You Wake Up In The Morning

You wake up in the morning, and lo! your purse is magically filled with twenty-four hours of the magic tissue of the universe of your life. No one can take it from you. No one receives either more or less than you receive. Waste your infinitely precious commodity as much as you will, and the supply will never be withheld from you. Moreover, you cannot draw on the future. Impossible to get into debt. You can only waste the passing moment. You cannot waste tomorrow; it is kept for you.'

Arnold Bennett

Now that's enough reading - go back to your WIP and write! 


  1. Thanks, needed that. Argh. I find this NaNoWriMo pretty tough, personally... It's kind of like breastfeeding, actually. At the start it can be really painful, but you know it's good for you, for your baby... in the end it's a choice and it's up to you to see it through.

  2. Hey Gydle, glad you enjoyed it.

    Nano is really, really tough at times, isn't it? I don't know about breast-feeding, but there were a couple of points in the last week when I thought, 'screw it, 50,000 in a month is just an arbitrary amount to an arbitrary limit, set by someone I don't know', and then have had to remind myself that I've put more words in the page this month than the previous 3 combined. You're damn right about WIPs being 'your babies' and it being one hell of a painful process actually getting them out and keeping them alive.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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