Being a Writer is Perilous...

...if all these articles I've come across lately are to be believed:

Hypergraphia, Bipolar and Writer's Block:

Harvard Medical Alumni Bulletin

Alcoholism in Writers, and the Accompanying Risks of Sobriety:

Intelligent Life

So, you know, hold onto your hats...

FYI, normal, slightly more elaborate, service will resume once Nanowrimo is finished on Wednesday.

Current weigh-in: God knows...


  1. A good friend was once denied life insurance because she listed "writer" as her occupation. The reason: Persons in the profession were overly prone to alcoholism and suicide.

    Fortunately, my insurance company has a different adjuster whose primary concern was whether or not I enjoyed flying fighter jets. Neither my writing nor my penchant for horseback riding fazed him. :D

  2. Well, that's a relief; does he get a lot of clients who fly fighter jets?! :)

    There's actually a really good TED talk from Elizabeth Gilbert that this idea that creative people are unstable, and that maybe you're at your most creative when you're your most unstable, and how dangerous that is. It's a really interesting thing, isn't it?


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