Writing, blogging and Stephen Fry

'Stephen Fry's Planet Word' was a BBC programme that ended  a week or two ago, but I only managed to settle down to watch the final episode last night, so apologies for the slight delay.

It was a really great series, and I thought this episode was the best, and would be the most interesting to share, as it talks about writing in all its incarnations, including Twitter and blogs (skip forward to around 46:00 for talk of blogging and Wikipedia).

Do you agree with their predictions for the future of books and blogging?


  1. Thank you for posting this, Lyndsay - I might not have seen it otherwise. I very much sing in tune with him about the changes in who is writing these days. Thanks be to God, there are many more writers (yes, good and not-so-good) doing their thing - many of whom have come into the harsh light of day only because of the opportunities unveiled by electronic media.

    I am with Mr. Fry in believing that there is something to having a foot in each camp, as it were. The new forms can allow us to live into the immediate here and now on the threshold of tomorrow, while the traditional forms still allow us to preserve the eternity of yesterday. Or something like that... :)

    Thank you again for posting this quality food for thought!

  2. Hey Tom, glad you enjoyed it! I do love a bit of Stephen Fry and he does say such intelligent things. I would guess he's also always Jeeves to you? :)

    I agree about the beauty of a foot in each camp - I caught myself earlier midway through the perfect example of this, as even though I have a well-loved paper copy of Oliver Twist, I downloaded the free Project Gutenberg e-version onto my iPad so I don't have to lug what is a rather large book around. Praise be for options! I think both can happily coexist indefinitely.

    Seeing as you enjoyed this one, I'd totally recommend searching out the other four episodes on YouTube. They're all tres interesting and insightful. Look out for Tourettes Hero by the way - new personal idol for coping with things with humour.

    Thanks for commenting!


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