This Week I Have Been Mostly...

Whilst searching for a video profile of Dickens last week, I found this:

I was (and still am) fascinated - it's a succinct summary of the contradictions of the great man, made slightly chilling by the reminder that he was a person as well as a literary behemoth. And what a beard! What an accent on that narrator! It's quite eerie seeing scenes from Tolstoy's life being lived in real time, with just the sound of the cold wind whistling by. A reminder for me that I must get on and see 'The Last Station'; I missed it in the cinema and somehow so far it's passed me by.

I, however, will make sure not to miss this:

I was a little scpetical about the need for an English-language remake of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo', but this trailer has excited me about seeing the film. I'm a long-term Daniel Craig fan (he's my favourite all-time Bond) and Rooney Mara looks good. I'm glad to see Stellan Skarsgard there too as the token real-life Swede.

In other news, the new Goodreads recommendation algorithm took me completely by surprise - from my existing 'read' and 'to-read' listings and ratings, it brought me up a list of recommendations that was all but identical to my actual TBR pile. Some of the books recommended I actually already have in the house. Bravo, Goodreads, bravo. A very useful tool.

Lastly, this week I reread Shirley Jackson's 'The Lottery', thanks to a reminder in a Chasing Bawa review and a link to a full version on Simon T's 'Stuck in a Book' blog. Predictably, I have been unable to sleep even since. What a story. Eessh.


  1. Oh, Lyndsay, you must see "The Last Station." If for no other reason than the delectable Mr. McAvoy. ~sigh~ But I digress... Anyone who's as big a Tolstoy fan as you can't possibly miss this film another day. Get the DVD & watch on the largest screen possible. It's lovely & challenging.

  2. I know Ami, you're so right. I'm not sure what's been keeping me; the only thing I can think is that currently, for me, his works exist in a vacuum, largely free of him as a man. If I watch the film and don't like him maybe it will sour things a little. Like the idea that you should never meet your heroes...

    I still should though. I will report back!

    And yes, James McAvoy ~ *sigh* :D


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