Confessions of an Elle fan

     Now, as fans of good writing in all its forms, you'll forgive me for wandering off books for this one particular blog post and straying into the not-so-oft mentioned world of magazines (Elle, to be specific) to talk about some particular writing to be found there.

     Or not, as the case may be. 
      Let me explain.

Elle - Uk Edition      For the past four years, a columnist known only as Mademoiselle has resided on the back page of UK Elle, regaling readers with witticisms and sarky fashion commentary whilst taking pains not to reveal who she actually was. A thinly-veiled Stig of the fashion world, if you like. Anyway, her oh-so-sharp observations and cut-throat honesty about her personal and fashion-related shenanigans made her, for me, the beating heart of the magazine, but it was revealed in this month's issue that she is off to have a baby that she has until now knowingly just neglected to mention. Sob.

      Anyway, the column has always been writing of the highest level - it is insane how much personality Mademoiselle manages to cram into one monthly page. It's a lesson in writing snappy, witty, confessional pieces that are out there and honest but don't actually give much away. It would have been great as a stand-alone blog actually too. I think it's becoming a book soon. Anyway, it's great and I love it.

     Her baby-esque departure from the building has prompted a mini-Mademoiselle carnival of sorts, so check out some specially-chosen historic posts on the Elle website here. She's also still merrily tweeting, so that's worth a look too. 

     For now, I'm going to leave you with a passage from this month's confessional. Enjoy.

     'Moral Guidance/Sisterly Advice/Just Ignore

     Four years ago, when I penned the first Mademoiselle column, I was a giddy creature who survived on thin air and no sleep. Being a well-dressed woman on the edge suited me. Now I'm a vitamin-popping, organic-eating soon to be mamma, happy as can be with HIG, the world's most patient man. I'm living proof that things work out in the end. I've kissed a lot of Muppets to find my man and made many mistakes, most of which have been reported in this column. My advice? Don't date rock stars, married or gay men (if he's all three, run away, Fast.) A broken heart is unavoidable; pay a visit to Net-a-Porter, you'll worry more about the credit-card bill arriving than the fact he left you for someone younger. The 'drinking-until-you-fall-over' method of getting over boys is also effective - as a one-off. Never give up on love; take it from me, it will all work out in the end. Never dye your hair to match your pet. Be true to your individual style and don't let money get in the way of a good outfit or the truth in the way of a good story.

     That's it from me. Don't cry for me Argentina, the truth is I never left you, all through my wild days, my mad existence: I'll be back soon. Stacey Duguid, aka Mademoiselle, has left the building. So it's goodbye from me and it's goodbye from her. Sniff.'

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