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       Hey there! I'm back from my long break and ready and raring to go, with a new layout and look and my first ever guest post from Martin King's #100blogfest challenge, where he aims to publish 100 blogposts on 100 different blogs during the month of August. Phew!
So, without further ado, take it away Martin!

     Accidents happen all the time. And kids seem to be addicted to hurting themselves. This story takes us back to when I was about fourteen revolving around one such incident.
It was during PE (which stands for Physical Education) and we were walking along the corridor from the changing rooms to the gym. As usual I was messing around, involved in the hustling and bustling. Well someone pushed me and I fell onto one of the radiators. I whacked my elbow and it killed, but seemingly no damage was done and we headed to the gym.

     We were in the gym when a girl started screaming. We all turned to see what was the big deal to find she was actually pointing in my direction. All she could blubber was my arm. One of my mates looked and garbled some alien sound. I touched my elbow again and it seemed fine – only it wasn’t my elbow.

      You see what happened to avoid kids messing with the radiators is they removed the control taps meaning the square bolt pointed upwards. My arm had bashed down onto this and I ripped a large eight inch gash in my forearm, so deep you could see right to the bone. Somehow it had missed all the main arteries and there was no blood.

     The teacher sent me to see the nurse. But when I got there she was off for half a day. So I had to sit there for two hours until she returned because no one knew what to do. All the while I was sat there with a massive hole in my arm.

     These blogs are all about fun and sharing. Thank you for reading a ‘#100blogfest’ blog. Please follow this link to find the next blog in the series: http://martinkingauthor.com/blog/7094550076

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