#100 Blog Fest

       Hey there! I'm back from my long break and ready and raring to go, with a new layout and look and my first ever guest post from Martin King's #100blogfest challenge, where he aims to publish 100 blogposts on 100 different blogs during the month of August. Phew!
So, without further ado, take it away Martin!


Ta Ta for Now

     Well, the summer is well and truly upon us, as seeing as everyone is taking a holiday I thought I might too. It's been a truly hectic couple of months and at the moment when I say 'brain, come on', it says 'what? why? Ssh' and goes back to drinking a drink with an umbrella, magazine in hand. 


An Obvious Truth


Not that we aren't trying to mimic that, of course...



Confessions of an Elle fan

     Now, as fans of good writing in all its forms, you'll forgive me for wandering off books for this one particular blog post and straying into the not-so-oft mentioned world of magazines (Elle, to be specific) to talk about some particular writing to be found there.

     Or not, as the case may be. 
      Let me explain.

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