So, I have some news - Tolstoy is my Cat is now available on Kindle!

     Yep, I have stumbled onto another platform. Apparently the benefit of purchasing a subscription is that it automatically updates using 3G, so all the posts appear on your bookshelf like latest editions. So you never need miss a post.

     For those of you who don't have a Kindle (that list includes me), you could pop your email address in the box on the left, 'follow' me or sign up to my RSS feed and never again miss a single random thing that pops into my teeny, tiny head.

     What a relief that must be for everyone. :)

     The UK link is here: Tolstoy is my Cat Kindle Edition [UK]

     And the US one: Tolstoy is my Cat Kindle Edition [US]

     I'm not sure how it works outside those areas yet; if anyone finds out, could you let me know? Ta.

     So, enjoy (and leave me an awesome review asap. Thanks.:)



  1. Lovely to meet you today! I'm feverishly blogging now, after delayed train and extended train travel, then madly preparing for onslaught of landlords...

  2. No, no...I won't feel left in the dust just because you chose to ignore those of us with Sony Readers...no...I won't feel hurt...don't worry about us little people out here in the corn fields...


    Keep up the good work!

  3. Pleasure to meet you too Simon! Nice blog post too.

    Also noticed your stat counter - blimey!

  4. Hey Tom, I'm sorry! Any idea if I can Sony it up right nice? I would if I could...

    Enjoy the corn.


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