The People's Novelist

     Apologies for briefly turning this blog into a novel prize promoter, but another beginning-of-novel prize has come to my attention – the People's Novelist competition, run by The Alan Titchmarsh Show – which has basically the same requirements as thenextbigauthor.com competition, so I thought if anyone was to enter one they’d probably want to enter both.

     For this one, it’s the first three chapters, a synopsis and a brief personal bio, printed and posted to the Alan Titchmarsh studio by Friday 1st July 2011. The prize is a £10,000 contract with HarperCollins. Sounds rather nifty. Those selected as part of the shortlist are obliged to go on the show a couple of times before the eventual winner is announced; as you can probably imagine from that, entry is available to UK residents only.

     Good luck!

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