A Bit of Character Inspiration?

      Will someone please write a story about this woman? Look at these photos; clearly she has quite the story to tell and, according to Fed by Birds, the blog I found this on, she has [quote] 'the best wardrobe in the world'. I'm inclined to agree. She's certainly rocking the classic peacock-train-plus-jewelled-headdress-bare-feet-cigarette combo.

 She's actually an American vaudeville dancer called Ruth St. Denis who founded Adelphi University's dance programme and was famed for her love of exoticism and mysticism. We also coincidentally share a birthday (and I thought it was only Gary Barlow and Kevin Costner. Phew).
 A google search has just told me that there are tonnes of biographies on her (which sound really good actually), but maybe she could inspire you to an original work? For instance, what do we think she's thinking here?
 A full catalogue of her costumes can be found at NYPL (a link recommended on the original Fed by Birds  article.)
I am clearly not adventurous enough with either my accessorising or my photo poses. Love it. Barefoot and bejewelled I will go about my business today, and I hope you will too.
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