The Truth About Creativity

     I saw this, I laughed, and then I felt so much better.


Click [via] link to see it large.


  1. When I was tired, and physically exhausted from a weekend away, this was the only blog post to make me smile. It completely charmed me.

    It is always a relief when you are working away and feel isolated that you can always rely on Lyndsay to come up with something of interest on her blog, that always makes you feel as a writer you are never alone.

  2. Thanks James, that's sweet, although I can't really take the credit for this one; I saw it at the end of a long day myself and instantly felt like part of a vibrant yet worrying creative community, rather than a stressed person struggling alone! It really is something, isn't it?

  3. You should take credit, because it was your blog that brought it to my attention and that of so many others.

    Had me charmed from the moment I clicked on it.


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