Just out of interest, is anyone else doing this?

     For those who've not seen it,
thenextbigauthor.com is home to a competition in which you upload the first 5,000-7,000 words of your novel at Arts Council-funded youwriteon.com between the 17th and 31st May 2011 and entrants rate each other's pieces throughout June. The top 5 rated pieces will then get a professional critique from Random House, Bloomsbury, Orion, Little Brown or Hodder & Stoughton, which I'm sure you'll agree would be worth having.

     I will be nervously uploading my 7,000 words tomorrow when the competition opens and will jubilantly respond to reviews with a review myself (although you need to have entered to view/review/participate), so hope to see some of you there. Any of you. Anyone? Anyone? Ferris? Anyone?

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