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    Sorry, I just thought that sounded nice. I guess it's been a long day. At least it's kinda meta. Anyway, book clubs. Yes. I am now running one in the cafe where I am a decidedly average waitress and wondered if I could ask you, the delightful blog-reading public, for some advice. 

     So far, the book club is awesome. Having never been to a book club before, let alone hosted one, I was pretty nervous and decidedly over-prepared for the first (week before last) and am still fairly nervous and equally over-prepared for the second (tomorrow). We have decided, as a group, to run on a bi-weekly meeting schedule but run the same book over two meetings, i.e. meet twice but discuss one book a month.

Brideshead Revisited (Movie Tie-in Edition) (Everyman's Library (Cloth))
Next month's choice
     I have some questions though, for any of you who've ever been to one: how does that schedule sound to you? Too much/too little/too oft? Is it a good idea for the moderator (i.e. me) to pick the books we review so I can make sure I have points to raise about them or for each person in the group to have a turn at picking a book? Currently in place is a 'round-the-group' system, which I think could be good. Still early days, but I think it's good for everyone to feel directly engaged in it from time to time and, although, I read a great deal of books, I'd hate for my book group choices to start to overlap with my 'Book Quote Friday' choices here. (The first one has; it was 'Any Human Heart', which I wrote about here). Anyway, does this sounds good/interesting/sustainable?

     Also, any tips on keeping it buzzy and fresh? Tips for bringing the opinions of quieter participants to the fore? Any potential danger points to look out for?

     Most important though, in terms of this blog, would people be interested in using my book club notes as a resource perhaps? I could add a new page and add the questions I've used as I use them...

     What do you think?

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