Is this Machine Lying to Me?

     At the beginning of last month I read a very entertaining post by Helen Caldwell on her blog 'My Writing Life' about a piece of online software called 'I Write Like...' which tells you, based on a passage or two, which famous writer your work most resembles.

     She got Agatha Christie for prose, Chuck Palahniuk for blog posts and H.P. Lovecraft for interviews. I just did it too and got the following results:


     Blog posts:

     Jane Austen (the mind boggles. Jane Austen on Blogger would surely result in the greatest blog ever. A request for her in heaven, methinks);

     or David Foster Wallace, depending on the piece. (I admit it, I had to Google him).

     Flash Fiction:

     Margaret Atwood (having tested 'Früh')

     Short Story:

     Arthur Clarke (based on 'Saturday Afternoon, Odessa')

     or ….wait for it… Shakespeare (!) (based on an analysis of 'The Spirits'.)

     Obviously I am taking this with a large algorithm-based, limited-option pinch of salt, but an awesome way to waste a few minutes, as I'm sure you'll agree.

     Whose writing does yours most resemble?


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  2. P.G. Wodehouse

    But I drink like Bertie Wooster.



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