Tolstoy's Got A Brand New Look...

     Ta da! Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it airier and more eye-catching and easier to read? I hope so anyway. I’ve been very excited about re-designing this blog for a while now and it’s lovely to have it finally done. Thanks to the gorgeous new logo goes to Elaine Tang (@minirice_uk) who draws and designs beautiful things and was awesome through the whole process of me figuring out what I wanted and how exactly I wanted to represent myself and the whole Tolstoy is my Cat brand (of all the narcissistic things you thought you’d never do, Batman…). Incidentally, I think Tolstoy likes it, as he just added a whole line of ‘i’s to the text whilst I turned my back to fetch tea. Bad cat.

     In terms of finding inspiration today, aside from the natural inspiration gleaned from the stunning new blog design before you, of course, I think we’d struggle to find a closer second than the delicious half hour set that Adele did this week for Radio One’s Live Lounge. Everything about it is wonderful: her voice, the song selection, how funny and beautiful she is. Never realised that was her accent either. A true artist singing her heart out and just being herself. Do any of us aspire to anything more than that? Enjoy.

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