My Resolutions for 2011

  • To write, write and write.
  • To make contacts – I heart Twitter.
  • To rebrand and relaunch this blog (this may happen sooner than you think).
  • To resist the urge to sit in cafes wearing berets and to act like 'a writer'; better that I stay home and actually get stuff done.
  • To continue to read everything I can get my hands on with a critical eye and an open mind.
  • To attend writing events in my area.
  • To do some guest blogging/cultivate some reciprocal blogging links.
  • To get better.
  • To stop talking so much about my big, lofty plans – it's only embarrassing when people ask me about them later, and I hate to disappoint.
  • To stop buying books online. I want to keep my local bookshops, please.
  • To use my local library to death. I want to keep that too, please.
  • To write stuff that I don't know how to write so that I might learn how to write it.
  • To write the ONE BIG NOVEL-LENGTH PIECE (don't look it in the eye, we might frighten it away).
  • To only write posts with an even number of bullet points. 


  1. Ha! Awesome. Even number of bullet points? Really?

  2. Glad you liked it! The even number of bullet points might have been a bit of a joke (even if it's not a funny one) :)


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