An Update

     Apologies for the relative silence this week but I have been beavering away behind the scenes, planning posts for the next few weeks/months and tinkering with some features of this blog. So, some news:

     The first thing to announce is that I have added my first 'page' to this blog, which is different to my regular posts as it takes you elsewhere, away from the main page, albeit not far. Now that my (very successful; thank you everybody) serialisation of 'The Spirits' has ended, I thought it would be good if it was available to read online in its entirety, so that's the content of my first 'page'. I'd be interested to know if it reads differently in one-go, compared to my arbitrarily-defined instalments; comments, of any kind, are always very happily received. On this topic, another change you might notice is the new presence of 'reaction boxes' beneath all of my posts, which mean you can mark everything 'funny', 'interesting' or 'cool' as fits. This means that you don't even need to type to leave feedback! If no-one leaves anything over the next few weeks, I might add a 'boring' box and see if that fares any better :)

      The other big thing is that I now have an official blogging timetable, which I will be sticking to for the foreseeable future. Basically it will run on a two-month cycle: 'month one' will be much August and October, with bi-monthly flash fiction postings, like 'Kyoto Station' and 'Preface/Sandbag/Crash', alongside photos, interesting videos and mini articles like this one. I will also be adding a bi-monthly 'quotes' feature, where I will add and reference a beautiful or interesting quote from a book or poem that I love. They may be topical, they may not, but they will always be interesting and might steer you towards something that you've not read before. 'Month two' will entirely consist of a short story serialisation, like 'The Spirits'. 

        My blog posting days will be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, for both months, as I think in these busy times it is helpful to both you and I to maintain the illusion of routine… :) All this will kick off from next week.

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