After the slow drip intensity of serialising Cassius' plight in 'The Spirits', I thought it might be time for something lovely and instantly gratifying like this video from Andrea Dorfman and Tanya Davis, who made the 'How to Be Alone' video that I posted earlier in my blog. So many people seemed to connect with that video (quite right too; it's beautiful) that I thought posting another one might be the perfect way to say a huge thank you for getting me to almost 1000 hits in just over 7 weeks.

     I'm beyond thrilled, and one of the best things is how it's travelled: to date my stats list the UK, the US, Germany, Canada, Greece, Japan, Belgium, South Korea, Argentina, Australia, Indonesia and India as countries in which my blog has been viewed. Having studied abroad with people who live in far flung places helps, but I really hope that this just means that my stories can travel without too much getting lost on the way.

     So anyway, enjoy this video; I thought it was a great one for this mini milestone as it asks a few of the questions I ask myself everyday, as I send my 'art', if you like, out into the world.

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