Pensively Planning

     Only a half day at work today, so I'm sat here with a cup of tea and a scarf wrapped around me (how cold is it for August?!) and I'm planning. Rather pensively, in fact. Anyone else wish they had a road map telling them how to navigate life? No, just me then...

     Anyway, I've been thinking about the future of this blog and I think the best way to present my work without boring you all to tears is to put a piece of flash fiction up once a week or so, intersperse it with random thoughts and links and pictures, and then, once a month or so, *drumroll please* serialise a short story over a week or two!

Far     That way I can avoided endless dizzying bouts of text and I don't start to feel any time pressure to put stuff up before it's done. I've got a story or two held hostage whilst I wait for competition results, but by serialising stuff (maybe presenting 150 words a day, with a tab that links them all?) I think that's a pace I should be able to manage! Any thoughts?

     By the way, if anyone's interested in my pensively-thinking-whilst-wrapped-in-a-scarf soundtrack, it's always, always Regina Spektor. She feels my pain, I feel her's, or something like that.

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