Film and Pie Friday

     Ok, I have a confession to make. I had great plans for a fabulously witty post today (what other type do I have?) but, like all best laid plans, this one has been thwarted by a late, late night last night and the subsequent hangover today. To give you an illustration of the severity of this slump, you should probably know that I could be found in my kitchen in the early hours spreading the Kalle’s Kavier that I brought back from Sweden on a still slightly frozen pitta bread and feeding parts of it to the eponymous Tolstoy…Lacking both the strength and ability to engage brain now, I will ramble for a minute and then wish you all a wonderful bank holiday weekend (except if you're in Scotland, haha). 


Armenian Woman, 1910


    I find this photo incredibly affecting: she looks quite ghostly, and the colours are so intense that the image looks like something from a dream.


Lessons in Lifemanship # 2 "How to be the Bounder doing the Taking"

     A small pick-me-up on this gloomy Monday - the scene from the classic film 'School for Scoundrels' where Henry, having been to the School for Scoundrels and learnt 'how to be a bounder doing the taking', manages to sell his terrible car back to the salesmen who duped him into buying it. Classic.


Book Quote Friday: 'Terry Bell: Failed Killer'

     Or the most pathetic, depending on how you look at it. I found this excerpt in a book whilst browsing the bookshelf at my in-laws' (I think some kind of sport may have been on) and I could not breath/speak/explain for a good, well, 10 minutes at least.

     If only this guy had meant his actions to have been funny; as it was, he was just a VERY poor assassin.


Pensively Planning

     Only a half day at work today, so I'm sat here with a cup of tea and a scarf wrapped around me (how cold is it for August?!) and I'm planning. Rather pensively, in fact. Anyone else wish they had a road map telling them how to navigate life? No, just me then...


How To Be Alone

     If you want to write, you will have to get used to being alone. Hell, if you want to read or travel or lay awake at night dreaming of your future, you will probably need to get comfortable inside your own head to find any peace. It is also beyond important if you want to be creative - silence is often the only place that creativity can live unbattered or undiminished and free.


My new blog

Hello everyone,

     Welcome to my blog! This is a first foray for me, so you must bear with me whilst I find my feet. I plan to put the little bits of 'flash fiction' that I've done up, and also serialise my short stories, interspersed with whatever I'm thinking at the time.

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